Fr. John’s Sunday Homily Questions

 Sunday, March 12, 2017

Change, Uncertainty, Adaptability and Peace

-What do we need to let go of?

….for the sake of a promise (like Abraham) of a “new land,” …something new, different, better…a fuller future with God….

-If we do let go, to what “new land” or promise of “new life” is God leading us, calling us?  What will it look like?  …new job, relationship….those kinds of things.

-What decisions do we need to make in life right now?  Big ones….small ones….  What are our fears about them? Are we like Abraham, Paul, Timothy, PJJ on the mtn, OPEN to “seeing” and “listening” to the cloud (…the voice from it….inaudible in our ears but very real in our intuition, hearts and spirits…God)

-What hardships are you/I bearing right now?  ….in general, for the sake of the gospel, for our value systems, for ourselves, for our families/others?

-Where do you/I need to “see like PJJ on the mtn” things/situations/others/even ourselves for who/what they/we really are?  Where do we just simply need “to listen” to the inaudible, but v real voice of God” speaking to us as we go fwd to new places (literally/figuratively), make our decisions and deal with new opportunities with all the uncertainties that come with letting go and making decisions?  Let’s not do it apart from God.  Bring Him in to the process. 3/12/17