Fr. John’s Sunday Homily Questions

Sunday, April  2, 2017

Today was the story of Lazarus... 1.Why am I so afraid of death, the unknown? 2. Do I see death as something to be feared? 3. Is there a connection on how we live our lives and death? 4. What things entomb us and keep us from rising: addictions, unresolved ruptures? This is an invitation to trust in Jesus. "Semper if" ( always faithful) 4/2/17

Sunday, March 26, 2017

How often do you and I judge by appearance? We all make judgements everyday… We think we see…but really are blind.   The Pharisees had eyes but could not see. God says do not judge from appearance…Look into the heart. How often do you and I get caught up in appearances and miss the truth of who someone is or what their situation might be? Where are we in darkness and need to move into the light? 03/26/17