Fr. John’s Sunday Homily Questions

Father John spoke about one of the Church’s best kept secrets:  Catholic Social Teaching.

This best-kept secret is that the Catholic Church is deeply blessed with more than 100 years’ worth

of outstanding social justice and peace documents authored by popes, Vatican II, world synods of

bishops, and national conferences of bishops. However, these documents are not often spoken of or


Out of these Catholic social teaching documents, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops

has developed a set of seven principles designed to help guide us in applying the liberating message

of the Gospel (Good News) to the social, economic, and political problems facing modern humanity.

In this and in the next several bulletins, we will highlight these principles. On page 9 of this bulletin,

we will look at the first two principles.

The Seven Principles of Catholic Social Teaching

  1. The Life and Dignity of the Human Person
  2. The Call to Participate in Family and Community Life
  3. The Promotion of Human Rights and Responsibilities
  4. The Preferential Option (Commitment) for the Poor and Vulnerable
  5. The Safeguarding of Workers’ Dignity and Rights
  6. The Building of Global Solidarity and the Common Good
  7. The Care for God’s Creation