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Shakespeare on the Common and Parish Potluck Picnic
Saint Cecilia parishioners will be going to see Cymbeline on
Tuesday, July 23 on the Boston Common near the Parkman
Bandstand. We’ll be reserving space and having a potluck picnic beforehand. The picnic is at 6:00 p.m. The play starts at 8 p.m. For more information contact: Jenny Jones at [email protected] The play is free, though donations to the Commonwealth Shakespeare Company are appreciated: http://www.commshakes.org/



Deadline Extension!

The Saint Cecilia 2119
Letters Project
Spanning the generations ~ 1894 ~ 2019 ~ 2119 ~ the Saint Cecilia Letters Project is the creation of a historic parish time capsule and it begins with a question:
If you had the opportunity to have a conversation with the person(s) who will sit in the pew(s), you occupy today, one hundred years from now, what would you share?
There are three ways to participate:
• Electronic letters and digital photos — please email them to [email protected] they will be printed off on archival paper.
• For handwritten letters — archival paper packets may be picked-up and dropped-off with photos at the narthex
table following each Mass, through Sunday, June 9, or mailed to: The Saint Cecilia 2119 Letters Project Saint
Cecilia Parish 18 Belvidere Street Boston, MA, 02115.
• For personal assistance — please see a Committee Member at the narthex table. Due to space constraints, one letter (two-page max) and photo per person.
The 2119 Letters Project is open to all who wish to participate.
Deadline Extension! — September 1, 2019
• Black and white photos will outlast color photos, but the decision is at the submitters’ discretion. [Cell phone images
can be edited and converted into black and white if desired.]
• For handwritten conversations, graphite pencil will outlast ink pen. [If using ink, please choose a permanent pen,
such as a fine-tip Sharpie.]
• If you need inspiration for ideas to include in your conversation consider this — with medical advances and increased longevity to come through the next century, it is not outside the realm of possibility that members of our
youngest generation (0-20 yrs.), may be present the evening of April 22, 2119, for the 225th Anniversary Celebration
of Saint Cecilia Parish’s Dedication, and capsule unsealing as our eldest generation. What would you want them to
remember about you or your family, our parish, what is happening now in Boston and within this era, and your
hopes and prayers for their parish community?
Questions? Please contact Celia Harris, Project Archivist at: [email protected]
Project Committee Members — Joshua Guerra, Adam Valsahagun and Jacob Venter
Saint Cecilia Parish Consultants — Leah Bennett, Jeanne Bruno and Scott MacDonald